Tire Services, Repairs and Installations

6AM to 4PM on-site tire repair and installation services for on and off road industrial, construction and heavy equipment is available throughout Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Factory-Trained Service Technicians
  • Mobile Tire Service
  • Equipment Pickup & Delivery Services
  • Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Service
  • Annual Inspections
  • Foam Fill Services
  • Flat Preventative Liner


Get priceless protection for your off-road equipment with solid foam-filled tires. Our team of specialists are certified in foam filling of tires for agricultural, industrial and construction applications.

Polyurethane foam replaces all of the air in a pneumatic tire for a solid foam-filled tire that prevents downtime and reduces maintenance costs. This permanent method guarantees flat-free performance for the life of the tire.


Gain longevity with Flat Preventative Liner for off road tires. Specially designed to seal punctures in tread up to ¼ in. in diameter, this valuable add can save time and money.

Holes are automatically sealed when a foreign object is removed from the tire. Units equipped with the liner have less down time than standard tires.


Tires purchased from Diamond A Equipment or Equipment Parts Plus include a limited warranty.

For tires that become unserviceable less than one year after purchase, Diamond A Equipment offers a replacement tire. The replacement price is calculated by multiplying the current price for a new tire by the percentage of original tread worn off at the time of adjustment.

Replacement tires received under this warranty will be covered by a separate warranty.

For tire services, repairs and installations, contact us at 800-404-2103.