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  • Operating Weight: 9,100 lb
  • Engine Power: 90 hp

Product Specification Sheet

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    The largest and most powerful skid steer in the CASE product line, the SV340B is your all-around solution for handling heavy palletized materials, fast and efficient earthmoving, and running powerful attachments such as stump grinders and cold planers. The 3,400-pound rated operating capacity at 90 horsepower matched with powerful auxiliary hydraulics and an extremely comfortable and productive operator platform make the SV340B a powerful addition to any fleet.


    Visibility and Comfort
    CASE skid steers feature industry-leading visibility with a new backup camera (operational in both forward and reverse), cab-wide rearview mirror, large front and side windows, a low entry threshold for easy entry and greater visibility down to the bucket, a low sloping rear hood and 360-degree lighting. CASE vertical-lift skid steers also feature a low-profile H-link that improves rear visibility compared to the competition. Each model features one of the industry’s widest cabs, and new control handles provide more comfortable operation throughout the day. Redesigned controls, cupholders and air vents further create more legroom and comfort.

    Optimal Control
    CASE skid steers are available in electro-hydraulic, mechanical and mechanical hand and foot configurations. New electro-hydraulic models with the all-new 8-inch LCD multi-function display give operators the most control, with easy switching between ISO and H operating patterns, the ability to save operator profiles and application settings, and the flexibility to set total machine responsiveness to low, medium or high — or to independently set loader arm and drive response to meet exact operator preference.

    Productivity and Performance
    Bucket breakout force of 9,531 pounds and a rated operating capacity of 3,400 pounds (up to 3,650 pounds with optional counterweights) make the SV340B a monster in the field. The machine also offers optional high-flow (38.7 gpm at 3,450 psi) and enhanced high-flow (35 gpm at 4,000 psi) auxiliary hydraulics for excellent power and attachment versatility.

    Ease of Ownership
    All critical checks and service points are grouped at the rear of the machine for easy access, and the all-new 8-inch LCD multi-function display provides the operator with real-time data on machine operation and performance. The SV340B features a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) emissions solution that requires no regular maintenance or filter replacement (no diesel particulate filter) — simply fill the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank as needed!

    Additional information

    Lift Configuration



    FPT F5B FL413 D*C001

    Gross Horsepower – hp (kW)

    90 (67)

    Net Horsepower – hp (kW)

    84 (63)

    Peak Torque – lb ft (Nm)

    282 (383)

    Displacement/Cylinders – in³ (L)

    207.0 (3.4) / 4

    Emissions Certification Solutions

    Tier 4 Final (CEGR, SCR)

    Rated Operating Capacity (ROC) 50% – lb (kg)

    3,400 (1 545)

    Tipping Load – lb (kg)

    6,800 (3 090)

    Bucket Cylinder Breakout Force – lb (kN)

    9,531 (42.4)

    Standard Auxiliary Hydraulics – gpm (L/min)

    24.2 (91.5)

    High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics – gpm (L/min)

    38.7 (146.5)

    Operating Weight – lb (kg)

    9,100 (4 136)

    Height to Bucket Hinge Pin

    131.6 in (3.34 m)

    Dump Height with Low-Profile Bucket

    102.2 in (2.59 m)

    Height to Top of ROPS

    80.4 in (2.04 m)

    Overall Length with Low-Profile Bucket

    148.5 in (3.77 m)

    Over-the-Tire Width with Spec. Tires

    73.8 in (1.88 m)

    Optional Equipment


    • Enclosed cab:
      • Fully sealed and pressurized – FSP
      • Glass door with wiper and washer
      • Sliding side windows – removable
      • Heater and air conditioner
      • AM/FM Bluetooth radio with 2 speakers
      • Keyless start ignition
    • 8 in Color LCD Display
    • Economy Mode (auto idle shutdown)
    • Auto Engine Protection Shutdown
    • Electro-hydraulic controls:
      • For drive/steering, loader functions
      • Switchable between H and ISO patterns
      • Adjustable sensitivity of controls
    • Hand and foot controls:
      • Hand controls the loader drive function and foot controls the bucket and boom
    • Suspension seat, vinyl
    • Demolition cab door with polycarbonate
    • Ignition Timeout
    • Machine Settings User Access Levels
    • Operator Security Codes


    • High-flow auxiliary hydraulics – combined:
      • @ 3,450 psi (238 bar) – 38.7 gpm (146.5 L/min)
    • Enhanced High-Flow auxiliary hydraulics – EHF:
      • @ 4,000 psi (276 bar) – 35.0 gpm (132.5 L/min)
    • Second auxiliary hydraulics
    • Hydraulic one-way self-leveling
    • Ride control


    • Hydraulic attachment coupler


    • Creep Speed Mode


    • Language decals
    • Buckets
    • Bolt-on bucket cutting edges
    • Special paint
    • Offsite service arrangement
    • SiteWatch Telematics


    • Rotating beacon
    • Four point lift hook
    • 48 in (1.22 m) pallet forks


    • Add-on counterweights
    • Road lights
    • Four-corner LED strobe
    • Single point lift hook
    • Aspirator
    • Precleaner
    • FOPS level 2
    • 3 inch (76.2 mm) retractable seat belt
    • Bolt-on heavy-duty bucket teeth
    Products are subject to modifications without prior notice. Images throughout the spec sheet may refer to non-standard machines or non-available configurations depending on models.