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Rink DS1200

Unit No: 133.120.000

Topdressing, Disc Spreading

Product Specification Sheet


The Rink DS1200 is a top dresser with dual spinners with a spread pattern variable up to 12 meters. The operation of the belt and spinners can be done from the tractor seat. by switching the hydraulic lever.

Additional information


Towed Version

Spreading width m

Up to 12 m

Spreading width inch

Up to 472 inch

Hopper capacity

1.2 m³

Hopper capacity ft3

42.4 FT3

Max working speed kmh

25 km/h

Max working speed mh

16 m/h

Weight kg

490 kg

Weight lbs

1080 lbs

Spreading thickness mm

0.5 – 15 mm

Min tractor hp required

25 HP

Min oil supply of tractor lmin

25 l/min

Min oil supply of tractor us galmin

6.6 US Gal/min

Min pressure

140 bar

Min pressure psi

2030.52 bar

Required connections

1x Double-acting hydraulic valve

Dimensions mm

3400 x 1400 x 1560 mm

Dimensions inch

134 x 55 x 61.4 inch

Standard components

  • Toolbox with combi tool and manual


  • Conveyor belt
Products are subject to modifications without prior notice. Images throughout the spec sheet may refer to non-standard machines or non-available configurations depending on models.