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Rink 3045

Unit No: 133.304.500

Topdressing, Brush Spreading

Product Specification Sheet


The Rink brush topdressors most accurately ‘shoots’ the material with force between the grass blades.

Additional information


Towed Version

Working width m

2 m

Working width inch

79 inch

Hopper capacity

4.5 m³

Hopper capacity ft3

159 FT3

Max working speed kmh

25 km/h

Max working speed mh

16 m/h

Weight kg

1950 kg

Weight lbs

4299 lbs

Spreading thickness mm

0.3 – 40 mm

Min tractor hp required

65 HP

Min oil supply of tractor lmin

40 l/min

Min oil supply of tractor us galmin

10.6 US Gal/min

Min pressure

175 bar

Min pressure psi

2538.16 bar

Dimensions mm

4900 x 2450 x 2500 mm

Dimensions inch

192 x 96.5 x 98.4 inch

Standard components

  • Toolbox with combi tool and manual


  • Auxiliary tank and pump unit
Products are subject to modifications without prior notice. Images throughout the spec sheet may refer to non-standard machines or non-available configurations depending on models.