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Overseeder 3D 1575 LV

Unit No: 122.157.501

(Over) Seeding, Disc Seeding

Product Specification Sheet

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    The Overseeder buries the seed up to 20mm deep in the ground. safe from the beaks of hungry birds and out of the way of the wind. The amount of the seed is controlled to a highly accurate degree and the Overseeder takes undulating ground firmly in its stride.

    Additional information

    Working width m

    1.58 m

    Working width inch

    62.2 inch

    Max working depth mm

    5-20 mm

    Max working depth inch

    .19 – .78 inch

    Max working speed kmh

    12 km/h

    Max working speed mh

    7.5 m/h

    Weight kg

    832 kg

    Weight lbs

    1834 lbs

    Disc spacing mm

    75 mm

    Disc spacing inches

    2.9 inch

    Hopper capacity ltr

    276 ltr

    Seed-tray capacity cuft

    9.7 cu.ft.

    Number of seeding elements


    Min tractor hp required

    35 HP

    Min lifting capacity kg

    950 kg

    Min lifting capacity lbs

    2094 LBS

    Max capacity m2hr

    18900 m²/hr

    Max capacity ft2hr

    203438 ft2/hr


    3-point CAT 1-2



    Dimensions mm

    1000 x 1874 x 1450 mm

    Dimensions inch

    39 x 74 x 57 inch

    Standard components

    • Toolbox with combi tool and manual
    • Fillable back roller with scraper
    • Seed tray with sight-glass
    • Seeding wheel adjusting to the area
    • Independent cutting elements adjusting to the area
    • Adjustment legs for storage
    Products are subject to modifications without prior notice. Images throughout the spec sheet may refer to non-standard machines or non-available configurations depending on models.