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  • Operating Weight: 3,910 lb
  • Engine Power: 16.8 hp

Product Specification Sheet

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    The 1.7-metric ton CX17C delivers a dig depth of 7 ft. 3 in. and provides digging forces of 3,490 lbf. resulting in strong excavating performance while making minimal impact to the ground below. With standard auxiliary hydraulics and backfill blade, an easily transportable size and a zero-effort Tier 4 Final solution, it’s a versatile addition to up-and-coming companies, landscapers or any contractor looking to easily expand their fleet.


    Purpose-Built Productivity
    The CX17C features a retractable undercarriage, variable-width blade and low-profile canopy height of only 7 feet 7 inches, allowing it to fit through gates, garages and entryways. With a trailer-friendly operating weight of 3,910 lb. it can be transported without special licensing or towing equipment. A zero tailswing design and adjustable boom that can be offset to the left or right enable the CX17C to easily operate against, parallel to and around obstacles. Auxiliary hydraulics, proportional controls and a hydraulic backfill blade come standard making the CX17C a powerful multiplatform machine for use with hammers, augers and other attachments, and the Automatic 2-Speed Travel improves travel across any terrain.

    *Always check vehicle capacities and state or local laws for applicable roading regulations and requirements.

    Common-Sense Fuel Efficiency
    The Tier 4 Final CX17C features a fuel-efficient, 16.8-hp engine, providing excellent power with minimal fuel use for more productivity per tank.

    CASE Comfort and Visibility
    A spacious operator environment features an adjustable seat and ergonomic pilot controls for improved comfort and with the standard pattern selector, operators can quickly switch to the style they prefer. The two-post TOPS/FOPS canopy design allows for excellent visibility of the bucket, into the trench and all-around the machine.

    Simple Serviceability
    Ground-level serviceability is at the heart of C Series mini excavators to help owners maximize the life and performance of their investment. All main service fills, filters, gauges and grease points easily accessible from the ground.

    Additional information


    Kubota D902

    Net Horsepower – hp (kW)

    16.8 12.5)

    Emission Certification

    Tier 4 Final

    Bucket Digging Force – lb (kN)

    3,490 (15.5)

    Arm Digging Force – lbf (kN)

    1,920 (8.5)

    Operating Weight – lb (kg)

    3,910 (1 775)

    Swing Speed – RPM

    0 – 9.5

    Travel Speed – mph (kph)

    2.6 (4.2)

    Overall Height

    7 ft 7 in (2 320 mm)

    Overall Transport Length

    11 ft 5 in (3 480 mm)

    Width of Upper Structure

    2 ft 11 in (890 mm)

    Track Overall Length

    5 ft 3 in (1 590 mm)

    Track Shoe Width

    9.0 in (230 mm)

    Track Gauge

    Retracted – 2 ft 6 in (760 mm), Extended – 3 ft 6 in (1 070 mm)

    Upper Structure Ground Clearance

    1 ft 5 in (440 mm)

    Minimum Ground Clearance

    6.7 in (170 mm)

    Optional Equipment


    • Travel alarm


    • Additional counterweight: 180 lb (82 kg)
    • Optional long arm: 3 ft 8 in (1.12 m)
    • Hydraulic quick coupler provision
    • Klac coupler
    • Mechanical coupler
    • Hydraulic hammer
    • Hydraulic compactor
    • Hydraulic auger
    • Beacon
    • Cylinder rod protection covers – Arm and Bucket
    Products are subject to modifications without prior notice. Images throughout the spec sheet may refer to non-standard machines or non-available configurations depending on models.