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Unit No: 107

Synthetic Turf, Synthetic Brushing & De-compaction

Product Specification Sheet

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    The Base-Rake is ideal for the de-compaction of heavy use areas. The unit is available with the twin brushes, tines alone or brushes and tines. The depth of the tines can be easily adjusted while the optional tow bar system allows the Base-Rake to be towed by a multitude of prime movers.

    Additional information

    Working width m

    1.45 m

    Working width inch

    59 inch

    Weight kg

    76 kg

    Weight lbs

    168 lbs

    Min tractor hp required

    450 kg

    Min lifting capacity kg

    220 kg

    Min lifting capacity lbs

    992 LBS

    Dimensions mm

    600 x 1500 x 850 mm

    Dimensions inch

    24 x 59 x 34 inch

    Products are subject to modifications without prior notice. Images throughout the spec sheet may refer to non-standard machines or non-available configurations depending on models.