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  • Operating Weight: 56,365 lb
  • Engine Power: 296 hp

Product Specification Sheet

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    Redesigned with an all-new cab and HVAC system, the 1021G wheel loader offers best-in-class visibility and improved ergonomics to maximize operator comfort and combat operator fatigue. Designed for high production applications and operators who demand the most out of their machines, the 1021G features SCR engine technology ensuring unmatched fuel efficiency, no regeneration, no expensive Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) to replace, and no extreme exhaust temperatures. In addition to over 50,000 lbs of breakout force, the 1021G also features the CASE cooling cube, which provides direct access to cool clean ambient air to all coolers, as well as an optional reversing fan that keeps the coolers clean and keeps the machine working, instead of having to clean clogged coolers.


    Cycle times = speed, power and capacity. The 1021G is built for high capacity production environments where truck loading, material carrying and stockpiling is required. Best-in-class breakout force and strong, powerful load sensing hydraulics improve productivity while also ensuring the machine only works as hard as it needs to, which ultimately saves on fuel. Automatic bucket control features like “return-to-dig,” “return-to-travel” and “height control” simplify operation while approaching trucks/hoppers and transitioning back to travel, ultimately shortening the cycle. Optional heavy-duty axles with auto-locking front differential and, of the four selectable operating modes, working in MAX achieves fast and aggressive operation for the most demanding of applications. Optional Ride Control improves material retention in long haul applications, minimizing spilling and related cleanup. And the 1021G features an SCR aftertreatment system with no diesel particulate filter (DPF) or related downtime for regeneration, ensuring optimal uptime.

    Fuel Efficiency
    A critical factor in lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) in production environments is the ability to perform more work (more cubic yards) at a lower cost factor (time/expenses). The G Series features an electro-hydraulic, load sensing hydraulic system that allows for improved functionality, and precise bucket and loader functions that produce less heat, require less fuel, and provide speed and control options ideal for high-capacity work. The emissions solution, Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), treats exhaust as an aftertreatment instead of recirculating it and burning it via regeneration in a DPF. This lowers total fuel use, helps keep engine exhaust temperatures down, and ultimately, allows for a more powerful/consistent use of the engine compared to other solutions. ECO mode is also available and can help further reduce fuel use in production environments.

    Comfort and Visibility
    Long shifts. Repetitive cycles. Moving trucks, equipment and people. The cab and operating environment of the G Series have been completely re-engineered to provide optimal operator performance, ergonomics and engagement with both the controls and the surroundings. The cab design accommodates the majority of all equipment operators. A new 8″ LCD monitor offers simple controls and greater insight of loader functions and activities. The latest in electro-hydraulic controls, numerous seat and adjustability options, and an all-new membrane keypad further simplify operation and training. A new, one-piece rounded windshield and optimally placed mirrors, along with a rearview camera that feeds the new monitor, ensures full 360° visibility. An entirely new HVAC system plus an optional Bluetooth radio ensures operators stay comfortable and engaged throughout long shifts.

    The CASE Cooling Cube on the 1021G provides direct access to fresh air for each cooler – nothing is stacked – and features a reversible fan and easy access for cleaning. G Series wheel loaders feature an electric rear hood lift that allows for easy access to the engine compartment for excellent ground-line serviceability – all major regular service points can be accessed from ground level. Additionally, CASE ProCare – which comes standard – ensures all owning and operating costs for the first three years of ownership are more predictable while also providing a three-year subscription to CASE SiteWatch telematics to help fleet managers better monitor loader health and performance and ensure optimal uptime/utilization.

    Additional information


    FPT F2CFE614H

    Emission Certification

    Tier 4 Fina

    Displacement – in3 (L)

    531 (8.7)


    6-cylinder in-line

    Net Horsepower – hp (kW)

    296 (221)

    Net Peak Torque – lb·ft (Nm)

    1,064 (1 442)

    Operating Weight – lb (kg)

    56,365 (25 567)

    Breakout Force – lb (kg)

    45,049 (20 434)

    Full Turn Tipping Load, ISO Deflected Tires – lb (kg)

    35,723 (16 204)

    Bucket Capacity Range: Bolt-on-Edge – yd3 (m3 )

    4.75 – 5.5 (3.6 – 4.2)

    Transmission Gears


    Bucket Size: GP with Bolt-on-Edge – yd3 (m3 )

    5.5 (4.2)

    Max. Material Density, ISO – lb/yd3 (kg/m3 )

    3,248 (1 927)

    Height to Top of ROPS Cab

    140.8 in (3 577 mm)

    Hinge Pin Height

    167.1 in (4 245 mm)

    Dump Height – Fully Raised, 45° Dump

    121.1 in (3 077 mm)

    Operating Height – Fully Raised with Spillguard

    229.3 in (5 823 mm)

    Bucket Reach – Fully Raised, 45° Dump

    49.8 in (1 265 mm)


    139.8 in (3 550 mm)

    Overall Length – Bucket Level on Ground

    352.3 in (8 949 mm)

    Ground Clearance

    17.2 in (437 mm)

    Overall Width without Bucket

    117.2 in (2 978 mm)

    Angle of Departure


    Optional Equipment


    • Cloth-covered heated air-suspension seat
    • Leather trimmed heated air seat with active suspension
    • Cloth mechanical suspension seat
    • 3 in (76 mm) retractable seat belt
    • Sound Shield noise suppression package
    • Bluetooth radio, 12V AM/FM with auxiliary input
    • Radio-ready – 12 or 24-volt with auxiliary power – 12-volt
    • Cab convenience package:
      • Rear sun shade, interior mirror, under the seat drawer, coat hook, 12V accessory port, and an ash tray
    • In cab powered cooler box
    • In cab accessory mount
    • LED rotating beacon
    • Joystick steering
    • Rear view camera
    • External rear view mirrors
    • External heated rear view mirrors
    • Front LED driving/headlights
    • LED front and rear work lights
    • Extra front-facing LED work lights


    • Open type differential axle, front and rear
    • Axle coolers
    • Axle oscillation stops
    • Cold weather package:
      • Engine block heater
      • Fuel heater
      • Hydraulic oil cooler bypass
      • Low temperature hydraulic oil
      • Grid heater


    • Auxiliary hydraulics
    • Ride Control™
    • Secondary steering
    • 3- or 4-function loader valves with 2- or 3-lever loader control


    • Extended Reach XR
    • Attachment auxiliary hydraulics
    • Buckets


    • 26.5 x 25 L3 Bias
    • 26.5-R25 L3 Radial
    • 26.5 x 25 L5 Bias
    • 26.5-R25 L5 Radial


    • Variable speed hydraulic reversing fan
    • Sy-Klone® ejective air pre-cleaner


    • Special paint
    • Tool box
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Side guards for rear frame
    • License plate brackets, front and rear
    • 12 mph (20 kph) maximum speed control
    • Wide fenders with right hand and left hand steps
    Products are subject to modifications without prior notice. Images throughout the spec sheet may refer to non-standard machines or non-available configurations depending on models.